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Nepal a tiny country of great contrasts; situated between two large countries China and India, the birthplace of Lord Buddha "The light of Asia" & famed Gorkha warriors. Nepal is also known as the land of Mt.Everest as it crowned by eight of the world’s highest ten mountains over 8000 meters, including Mt.Annapurna, Mt Manaslu, Mt.Makalu, Mt.Dhaulagiri and Mt.Kanchanjunga etc.

Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world for enjoying the real combination of nature and the culture. The centuries old cities, panoramic views of the Himalayas, an incredible variety of ecosystems: steamy jungles and terraced valleys, forested hills, frozen peaks and high altitude deserts. Tropical flowers frame views of not so distant snow peaks; tigers and rhinos roam lush jungles while less than 150 km north, snow leopards prowl barren mountain slopes. Dozens of different ethnic groups live among its hills, each with their own language, costumes, customs, and beliefs.

Today, over 700,000 tourists come to Nepal every year to explore the spectacular landscape, rich culture, and harmony of traditional way of life. In terms of statistics Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, but it’s rich with humor, warmth, and natural beauty. Visitors are drawn here by the amazing landscape, but they leave remembering the friendliness of the people.

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Nepal is 885 km long from east to west and only 150 to 200 km wide north to south with total area 14718 sq. Km, its border touches Tibetan Autonomous Region of China in the north and India in the east, south and west. Sandwiched between China and India, Nepal is in a ticklish spot. Nepal is like a Yam between two rocks. Geographically, Nepal has divided into t hree regions, the Terai region (17% of the total land of Nepal), the Hilly region (68% of the total land), the Himalayan region (15% of the total land), each with its own distinctive environment, peoples, economy, customs, and culture

Life, Culture and Customs,
There are 80,000 scattered villages and hamlets, life has changed little now. There, people still raise their own food, build their houses from local materials, rely very little on cash, and seldom see much of the world beyond their own particular valley. This is the real Nepal, and no one who visits only the capital can claim to have understood the country. Trekking is the best way to immerse you in village life, but even the hamlets of the valley provide a glimpse of the timeless rural reality.

There are two main religions - Hinduism and Buddhism, two races- Caucasoid and Mongoloid and two civilizations- Indic and Sinic. Nationwide, religion follows the pattern of Hindu lowlanders and Buddhist highlanders, with the people of the Hills exhibiting a mixture of both.

On entering a Nepalese home it is polite to remove your shoes. Visitors to Hindu temple or Buddhist shrine are expected to shoe off as a mark of respect. In fact, a pair of open sandals is more convenient and comfortable while visiting the temples and stupas. In some of the temples, entrance may be prohibited for the non-Hindus. Leather items are prohibited inside the temple precinct. It is better not to touch offerings or persons when they are on way to shrines. Walking around temple or stupa is traditionally done clockwise. Generally, temples, stupas, peoples and monuments are permitted to be photographed but it is better to seek permission first. It is better to be decently clad when visiting any place. Sun and beach wear is not ideal when roaming around the city/village. Short shorts, shoulders and backs may not be appreciated. Public displays of affection between man and woman are frowned upon. Do not do anything that is totally alien to our environment. We are hard on drug abuse, trafficking, and possession of drugs is taken as serious offences. Cheap charity breeds beggars but does not solve their basic problem. Therefore, do not encourage beggary by being benevolent. In the northern hill area, polyandry system, the custom of a wife having more than one husbands, is also practiced till recently. Widow re-marry is not socially acceptable in the society still. Polygamy system is still in practiced, although it has banned by law.

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