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Trip name :  Canyoning
Duration :  1 Day / 2 Days
Transportation :  By Tourist Bus
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Canyoning/Canyoneering is an adventure sport that involves traveling down creeks or streams within a canyon by a variety of means including hiking, scrambling, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abseiling and rappelling using safe techniques.

Canyoning is comprehensive package for experiencing adventure that requires technical skills of stream navigation, rope and canyoning gears work and preparedness for risk minimization. Your safety depends on your judgment based on competent instruction, experience and a realistic assessment of abilities and understanding of current canyon conditions.

Abseil canyoning activity is becoming increasingly popular in the world and many young rivers of Nepal are ideal for canyoning.

We provide site briefing, travel arrangement, lunch box/kitchen, canyoning gears and field guides.

Canyoning Places,

Duration = 1 Day
Transportaion = By Tourist Bus

2. Bhotekoshi
Duration = 2 Days
Transportaion = By Tourist Bus

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