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Rock Climbing
Trip name :  Rock Climbing
Duration :  1 Day
Transportation :  By Tourist Bus
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Rock climbing is an activity in which you will climb up or across natural rock formations or man-made rock walls with the goal of reaching the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route.

Rock climbing is generally differentiated by its need for the use of the climber's hands to hold his or her own weight in order to make balance. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control.

It can be a dangerous sport and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized climbing equipment is crucial for the safe completion of routes.

We provide you site briefing, travel arrangement, lunch, climbing gears and field guides. Join us !!

Rock Climbing Places,

1.Nagarjun Forest
Duration = 1 Day
Transportaion = By Tourist Bus

2. Hattiban Forest
Duration = 1 Day
Transportaion = By Tourist Bus

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